Christine DugganFounder & CEO

BrandNexity Team Christine Duggan
areas of expertise
  • SEO, Search Metrics Professional
  • Business Management
  • eCommerce Expert
  • Marketing & Branding
  • User Experience & CRO
  • Founder Arnott Mason, 1824 Clothing
  • CEO, Equestrian Collections
  • Founder, StarPoints Consulting

Chris came from a British political background and was the youngest professional Conservative Agent in the UK as well as being the youngest campaign manager to run a General Election Campaign.  

In 2001, she founded Equestrian, which was the first equestrian eCommerce site and long-tail JIT business model in the industry. She was an early adopter of faceted search, outfit selection, retargeting and segmented email marketing.   The importance of a systematic Search First approach to web architecture, site content and heavily matrix product data was also understood early and executed on the website.   Customer service – the true understanding of the customer, their expectations and needs – was always a core competency in the organization.  

“Chris was one of the pioneers in the equestrian retail world leading the way in technology, innovation, marketing and results. She has the ability to spot trends and capitalize on them before they become mainstream. More importantly, she understands the value of relationships in building a successful brand.” ~ Glenn Hebert, Horse Radio Network

Chris brings her years of experience as the CEO of an eCommerce company to her work as a consultant.  She understands what KPIs are important to business owners and senior executives and the pressures that they are working under.

She sold Equestrian Collections to Choice Brands Group in 2015 and founded Starpoints Services, an eCommerce consulting company focused on the equestrian industry and other matrix-centric businesses.

Chris was always looking out for the best interest of the company and its employees.  She had the ability to understand our staff and their needs…and at the same time, be able to pull out any employee’s strengths…Chris is the entire package.  She has the intelligence, experience and drive to make any company better.  She is a leader and can contributed unique insightfulness to any project or task.  She is the ultimate team player.”  ~ Tom Murphy (CMO – Choice Brands Group)

Chris founded BrandNexity in 2018 to better serve the emerging high-growth arena of D2C as manufacturers and distributors realize that they have to take control of their brands across all channels as they address the direct to consumer market.

eCommerce Industry Certified Search Metrics Professional


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