Company overview

BrandNexity is an eCommerce Consulting and Services company. We specialize in helping Brands take advantage of exploring and pursuing digital, direct-to-consumer (D2C) opportunities while mitigating cross-channel conflict by showcasing their retailers.

We help Manufacturers and Distributors take control of their brands across all their Sales Channels by having a single view of trusted customer-facing product data, content and digital assets that meet the new demands of digital shoppers.  

We also bring our decades of eCommerce experience to help them step into the D2C (Direct to Customer) eCommerce market on Amazon and other Marketplaces.

Our BrandNexity team is made up of experienced eCommerce employees.  We believe that this differentiates BrandNexity from other companies.  We offer advice and services based on our skill-sets that have been honed over the years.   

Stepping into the D2C market can be daunting.  Working with BrandNexity helps smooth the way – getting the new skill sets right – the first time.

BrandNexity is passionate about what we do and we are thankful for the confidence our clients have in us. We have expertise in industries such as sports, apparel, footwear, pet, jewelry, and skincare.

Our mission

To help Distributors and Manufacturers to take control of their Brands so that they can achieve these benefits:

  • Control what customers see and ensure that it accurately reflects the brands they own or distribute
  • Gain faster time to market by having one source of truth – recommended in a PIM – for all product data
  • Possession of Amazon Brand and Product Pages
  • Be found across all Sales Channels by the Search First Optimization of product and meta data

To help Distributors and Manufacturers to enter into the D2C eCommerce either on their own website or on Amazon and other Marketplaces:

  • Product Data Optimization before Replatforming
  • Partnership with VTEX eCommerce Platform
  • Optimization and Management of Marketplace Feeds
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • SEO Optimization
  • Search First Content Creation
  • Usability
  • PIM Set-up and Management
  • Product Pricing Enforcement
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