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Your B2B warehouse flows like a charm, but what happens when you introduce high volume small packages into your workflow?

The processes, operations, and logistics of a D2C eCommerce company are likely quite different to that of a B2B manufacturer or distributor.   We can help you get things right so that you meet the expectations of your individual customers – delivering their packages when promised with low or no cost shipping.  Making the sale is one thing. Delivering it – especially with seasonal volume –  is a challenge that we have deep experience in dealing with.

“BrandNexity – we help companies make the necessary logistics changes brought about by their entry into D2C eCommerce “

Don't get caught offguard

Our clients are often surprised by the volume of business out of the gate that they get from Amazon and other Marketplaces.  Here are some insights on how to prevent getting caught off guard:

  • Spend time discussing and planning for differences in order and package size
  • Meet with your Shipping providers to discuss rates and packaging
  • Discuss the implementation of a cluster picking strategy
  • Design and implement a Pick Wall for turnaround orders
  • Redesign your warehouse to accommodate omnichannel distribution
  • Test out Pop-Up Fulfillment to optimize performance during peak and holiday eCommerce seasons

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