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BrandNexity approaches your business as if it were our own. We believe we should be more than consultants if needed, which is why we offer services as well. We have been in your shoes selling directly to customers so we understand the challenges, the data, the technologies, the customers’ expectations.  We want to help you become successful D2C companies, reducing your learning curve, helping you avoid unnecessary mistakes. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships with our clients.

We have been on-line retailers ourselves, therefore can help Manufacturers and Distributors like yourselves balance their existing B2B marketing with their newer D2C efforts.  The right approach to existing retailers is necessary for the best outcome.

BrandNexity Product Information Management (PIM) Consulting & Services

Providing accurate pricing information, sizing, product images, dimensions, availability and other product attributes is essential for boosting online sales. We help you make your product data into a company asset. Our structured data allows your items to be found, no matter what the channel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting & Services

Once the technical foundations have been laid, continuous optimization of product and category landing pages is necessary to keep up to date as new tactics emerge and older ones become redundant.   We help your website SEO strategy stay current by implementing best practices and measuring performance results against agreed on KPIs.

Amazon & Marketplace Consulting & Services

Amazon, eBay and other Marketplaces offer exposure to huge audiences.  Many Brands came late to the party.  We help you take control of your Brands on Amazon and the other marketplaces without the expensive learning curve.  Members of the BrandNexity Marketplace team have sold on the Marketplaces from the very beginning, selling hundreds of millions of dollars of goods.  We know what it takes and bring years of experience to our clients.

BrandNexity MAP Pricing Monitoring Services

Once companies have optimized their data, digital assets and content, they need to combine this with MAP (Manufacturer’s Advertised Price)  monitoring to ensure that their brands are being represented in a consistent manner in line with the policies that they have set for pricing and even content and image display.  The BrandNexity team has worked with MAP pricing enforcement issues with over 200 brands since the introduction of MAP and IMAP. We understand what it takes to stay in compliance.

BrandNexity eCommerce Consulting Services

Online holiday sales were up 14.7% year over year in 2017, with $42.25 billion left up for grabs. (Internet Retailer).  Brands that have not ventured into the eCommerce Direct to Customer (D2C) arena and taken control of their brands on their own sites or on Marketplaces like Amazon will struggle to stay relevant to customers who are turning ever more to shopping on line. We have been in the eCommerce space for 20 years and help companies like yours to get their products out in front of customers and purchased – wherever they might be on the internet.

Operations & Logistics Consulting

The processes, operations and logistics of a D2C eCommerce company is likely quite different to that of a B2B manufacturer or distributor. We can help you get things right so that you meet the expectations of your individual customers – delivering their packages when promised with low or no cost shipping. Making the sale is one thing. Delivering it – especially with seasonal volume, is a challenge that we have deep experience in.

Social Media Marketing

BrandNexity has a team of experienced social media marketers ready to execute advertising your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Along with advertising, BrandNexity can help create great campaigns, run contests, create videos and content and also help you engage your audiences creating conversations around your products or services.

BrandNexity BI

Integrating business intelligence and analytic solutions with product information management databases can help facilitate management related decisions, such as extracting data of a bestselling product and accordingly filling inventory.  Members of the BrandNexity team has had experience with Domo RJ Metrics and other leaders in the BI arena.

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