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Your ERP reports used to be enough, but can’t handle the multi-channel and social data that you need to understand to run your business insightfully.

Experience: Integrating business intelligence and analytic solutions with product information management databases can help facilitate management related decisions, such as extracting data from a bestselling product and accordingly filling inventory.  Members of the BrandNexity team has had experience with Domo, RJ Metrics and other leaders in the BI arena.


  • Stitching together data from Web, ERP, WMS, Social, Marketplaces.  
  • Ability to enhance the BI insights by using the attributes and values in the PIM

Excellence:  DOMO Sales Professional.  Participating Member of DOMO DoJo.   Coming: DOMO Technical Certification.

“BrandNexity – we help companies get better insights into their businesses.”

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